Case Studies : Securing Success

Talent Cap

Who Called – And Why

The subsidiary of a large conglomerate with a strong government relationship, involved in secured communications. They were looking to build a new team to commercialise their secured telecommunications system – and were looking for recruitment experts who had the right aptitude to heed the call.


Dialling Up Our Strengths

While security was at the core of the client’s business, playing it safe wasn’t about to help them achieve their recruitment objectives. Instead of a straightforward hiring exercise, we understood that we had to take a deep dive into the critical role each of the required 9 direct reports would play in the commercialisation project. Intensive research and thorough market mapping allowed us to accurately identify the specific type of talent needed - in this case, mainly Ivy Leaguers – in order to secure the success of the project.


The Right Call

Since our appointment, we have consistently proven that the client made the right call selecting us as the sole recruiter on the project. To date, we have placed multiple talented individuals as special officers reporting to the CEO, most of whom have risen through the ranks to lead new investments or other subsidiaries of the conglomerate in order to secure its success.



Finding the right job and the right person for the job goes hand in hand.

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