Case Studies : Out of the Warehouse, into the Sun

Talent Cap

A Distribution Dilemma

After 70 years in the warehouse and distribution business serving the healthcare market in Malaysia, our client founds themselves pretty much in cold storage as their customers stopped renewing their contracts unless costs were reduced. With the healthcare marketplace being relatively small, and players like Amazon making their way into the local market, it seemed just a matter of time before the client got shelved. They realised the only way to boost their profits was to find other revenue streams – sales and marketing outsourcing seemed to show the most promise, but their biggest hurdle was finding the right people to make it work. Enter Talent Cap.


Redistributing Focus

People who join distributors are generally in retirement mode, but that was far from what the client needed. The challenge was attracting hungry young talent to see the potential in the new business direction, while helping to break the internal distributor mentality once and for all.


Extending Shelf Life – And Then Some

Working with the client to iron out a clear vision and specific job demands soon bore fruit; instead of the usual washed out professionals, we caught the attention of candidates from multi-national pharmaceutical and medical device companies. By filling core roles including the Heads of Commercialisation, Consumer, Pharmaceutical, Human Resource and Business Development as well as a host of product and sales managers, we were part of the company’s significant turnaround. The new division became the highest margin contributor to the company, with sales revenues increasing sevenfold. In total, over RM5 million worth of deals were signed, with the company also launching its first in-licensed product that generated over RM4 million sales in 2017 alone. Following this example, all sales and marketing personnel across the board were upgraded. Meanwhile the business expanded beyond pharmacy and into convenience stores, proving that in adversity there is always opportunity – if the right people are there to take it all the way.



Finding the right job and the right person for the job goes hand in hand.

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