Case Studies : Looking Inwards, Moving Upwards

Talent Cap

An Internal Reconstruction

An award-wining public-listed property developer based in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore were looking to build an in-house main contractor division to support in-house projects. In the process of doing this, they also wanted to raise the bar for hiring talents for key departments including planning and development as well as project management.


A Thorough Deconstruction

We worked closely with the Head of Human Resource to build their recruitment strategy from the ground up, prioritising placement for the Head of Construction in order to set the tone for the rest of the potential candidates. We also sought out opportunities to upgrade the quality of existing talent in concert with recruitment efforts for the new division.


Constructing a Better Future

We developed a comprehensive talent mapping process that helped identify the right people from construction companies; with the Head of Construction confirmed, we began to subsequently fill up other key roles in the in-house contractor team in collaboration with the new head. Additionally, we also successfully raised the talent bar by placing two experienced senior managers as heads of departments within the planning and project management team. It just goes to show a well-constructed approach works every time.



Finding the right job and the right person for the job goes hand in hand.

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