An Open Book

We encourage criticism and receive them like a badge of honour. We know it’s a way to put our best foot forward at every chance we got.

01Who We Are

Founded in 2011, we are a human capital connecter based in Malaysia that helps company and bright talents find each other.

Unconventional as we go, we applied a performance-based hiring methodology[not rocket science] combined with our winning personalities, and make highly personalised search to make almost accurate matches that put individuals on their ideal career paths.

We have connected over 1000 happy individuals and companies while having funat the same time. We stay curious and constantly fine-tune our approach to make solid finds that stays true what the seekers and the finders are looking for.

We don’t believe that people should feel stuck in their 9 to 5 and going through the daily grind just for it to be over. We believe that work can be enjoyable when people have fun doing it.

When we do complete our mission and successfully matched talents, we throwthe confetti and celebrate! While we are at it checkout our Vision & Mission

02What We Do

It’s no rocket science.
We dislike high turnover rate
as much as you do.

In order to attract talented individuals, we know we ought to be different. We do our job well because we listen, we tinker, we connect and most of all we value the people we work with.

Revamp Va-Va-Voom

We reinvent the conventional recruiter and talent relationship. Instead we see the dynamism of seekers and finders. Connecting individuals to companies and vice-versa, for a win-win solution.

Talent Cap Team
Camelia LohManaging Director
Talent Cap Team
Ben YeeAssociate Consultant
Talent Cap Team
Sanggeetha Maniyam Office Manager

If you have a knack for people and love connecting people to their dream job. Join our growing troops.

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Finding the right job and the right person for the job goes hand in hand.

Let us help you connect to who you’re looking for :-)